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Q: How does a telephone answering service work?
A: Customers are assigned a call forwarding number that allows Horizon to answer their calls.

Q: How is the telephone answered?
A: Each line is answered according to the specific business needs chosen by the customer.

Q: How do we bill for services provided during the month?
A: Rates fluctuate monthly depending on the volume received the month prior to billing. Rates are determined by usage or talk time.

Q: What forms of message dispatching are available?
A: Our operators can dispatch messages to customers by digital paging, alpha paging, text messaging to digital cellular phones, fax machine, email, voice mail or verbally if requested. Patching services are also available.

Q: What are the terms in the contract required to start the services?
A: The contract is a month to month agreement. It requires a 10 day notification in writing to cancel the services. Our billing cycle runs from the 24th to the 24th of each month.

Q: What happens if our power goes out?

In the event of a power outage our back up power supply and generator switches on immediately. Our management and our clients have the added peace of mind that no matter how long the power is off we can continue normal operations. There is no disruption or inconvenience to our clients nor to any of our employees.

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